Christian Education 
Our Vision: To Serve the church by establishing and developing a comprehensive Christian education program that meets the needs of the church body as a whole. Our Mission: To develop and provide an education program for the entire church body in every area of ministry that educates, develops and assists in understanding God’s Word and provides spiritual knowledge and growth. Our Purpose: To Teach, Educate, Train and equip members to bring abut a full understanding of God’s Word.  Our Goals: To provide Biblical education to promote spiritual growth, discipleship and worship opportunities for members of the church and community.
 Christian Ed Areas
 Ed In Action
Ministers/Deacons & Deaconess Training
Quarterly as noted per leaders
Academic Tutoring & Enrichment
All school age (incl. college)
Camp Vision
Ages 6 – 12
Wednesday Night Bible Study
 Ages 3 – Adult
Sunday School
Ages 3 – Adult
Vacation Bible School (VBS)
Ages 3 – 17
Good News Club
@ Saegert Elementary School
Special Programs
Christmas, Easter, Black History
Sunday School Resources Link
Sunday April 14, 2024
Adults 18+ & Above Class
3-5 y/o Class
6 -8 y/o Class
9 -11 y/o Class
12 -14 y/o Class
15 -17 y/o Class
Bible Study Resources Links
INTERACTIVE – K – 8th grade:
 Ministry Support Team
 Rev. Jacqueline K. Malone
Christian Education Director
Deacon Milton McQueen
Ministry Deacon
Asst. Christian Education Director
Rev. Melvin E. Howell
Ministers/ Deacon & Deaconess Training Coordinator
Sis. Marthella Bridell
Academic Enrichment and Tutoring Director
Rev. Dawn Morrison
Camp Vision Director
Deaconess Bernice Bradshaw/Rev. Jacqueline K. Malone
Wednesday Night Bible Study Coordinator
Rev. Loretta Walker
Sunday School Superintendent
Rev. Connie McQueen
Asst. Sunday School Superintendent
Sis. Demetrius R. Douriso
Sunday School Administrator
Deacon Connie Diggs
Good News Club Coordinator
Rev. Jacqueline K. Malone
Vacation Bible School Coordinator
Rev. Jacqueline K. Malone
Special Programs Coordinator