Our History

Greater Vision Community Church


Greater Vision Community Church was organized and established on August 3, 1997 with 35 committed Christians. The original name of the church was Greater Vision Full-Gospel Community Church until May 1998. Greater Vision was formed with a desire to be embedded in the community with a strong community outreach and mission orientation. Greater Vision is an independent non-aligned community church. Greater Vision Community Church was organized under the leadership of Pastor David G. Reynolds.

The meetings to organize the new work were held in various locations from April 3rd through June 15th of 1997. On August 3, 1997, the first worship service was held at 315 Gray Street, Killeen, Texas in the Inside The Soul Museum, Carol’s African American Art Gallery, owned by Dr. and Mrs. Carl Settles. The Settles family hosted our church until June 10th, 2001. Worshipers for the first Sunday of worship were 197 believers and seekers. The church was incorporated in 1999 while at 315 Gray Street.

From the beginning, the Deacon and Deaconess Ministries and the Trustee Board and Finance Committee Ministries were formed to provide spiritual and financial support for the church. These ministries provided assistance to the leadership in setting goals and planning for the future.

The first Deacons were Brothers John Ford, Henry Browning, Melvin Howell, Ronald Bain and Charles Parnell. The First Deaconesses were Sisters Renee Ford, Carolyn Howell, Gloria Johnson, Patricia Reynolds, Betty Newton, Miriam Bain,and Carolyn Terry.

Our first Trustees/Finance Committee members were Brothers Bruce Alexander, Fred Chinn, Sisters Pauline Terry-Culbert, Brenda Alexander, and Jacque Howard. 

Many other ministries were also formed to support the growing spiritual needs of the congregation and to assist in the growing spiritual and social needs of the Killeen and Fort Hood Metroplex. These ministries included opportunities for children, youth, young adults, women, men, and older adults, married and single persons, those interested in sports and recreational activities and ministry to those in medical facilities and in prisons and detention facilities.

Out of these ministries and opportunities, many persons were led to Christ and many lives were changed. Ministers and Deacons and Deaconesses were licensed and ordained into those ministries to support the church in missions, outreach and growth of the church and community. Over 300 persons have been baptized and joined the world-wide church. 

The church’s tremendous growth made it necessary to seek a larger facility for ministry activities. In November 1999, the congregation purchased five acres of land on Stan Schlueter Loop for $86,000. In June 1999, the five acres of land was paid-in-full, therefore, making way for construction of a new church facility. On June 10th, 2001, the congregation moved into its new (600 seat sanctuary, five class rooms, four office spaces, conference/meeting room, library, choir room, kitchen, and fellowship hall) facility on 2000 East Stan Schlueter Loop in Killeen, Texas.

In 2003, the growth of the church and the needs of the worshiping community, an early morning worship service (8 AM) was established to accommodate worshipers and relieve the 11 AM worship service. Both services are well attended and growing.

In November 2003, the church purchased an additional 8.12 acres of land for parking and other expansions at a cost of $83,500. This indebtedness was paid in full in 10 months. The church purchased eight acres of land at a cost of $175,000, in 2004. In July 2006, the construction of parking, building pad and utility work began with the completion in October 2006 at a cost of $680,000.

The church has grown from 35 members to present 1200 with 16 ministries and various outreach and mission opportunities. On most Sundays, the 11 AM worship and at times, the 8 AM worship, overflows into the Fellowship Hall. The Sunday school and Family Night Bible Study groups have also expanded to 195 and 230 respectively. Presently, every space in the facility is used at least six days a week for ministry activities.

The church’s vision, mission, purpose and goals direct the ministry and provides the foundation for the work of the church. As Greater Vision does the work of the church, it launches people into world wide ministry of Jesus Christ.

Our church will continue to support local, state, national and international missions through cooperative work with other churches, denominations and individuals. The members are committed to caring for others as Christ cared for those in His time.  Our present pastoral staff is Pastor David G. Reynolds (12 years) and Rev. Melvin E. Howell (12 years {Deacon and Minister}).